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Delta Company 2014 reunion will be held in the fall

  October 2nd (Thursday) through October 4th (Saturday) 2014. Contact: Wendell Strode, Email:, Phone: 270-467-8814. 2014 Reunion Information here.

Delta Company 2012 reunion was held in Bowling Green, Kentucky

  May 2nd (Wednesday) through May 6th (Sunday) 2012.

Steve Reynolds honored:

Only took the army 41 years to get my CIB, Combat Infantryman's Badge.
Thanks to Alan Conger, Cliff Tholen and Chuck Seketa for your letters and assistance.

Any delta brothers that have relatives, friends etc that were veterans from the San Diego area may have a plaque on Mt Soledad,
Go to plaque locator and enter "Reynolds, Steve"

Write up and photos

Steve Reynolds

Our 2010 reunion in Washington D.C.

2010 Reunion review and notes:

Our 2008 reunion was the largest to date.

2008 Reunion details and photos are posted:

  I found this the other day when going through my mothers papers. I don't remember sending it to her but maybe some guys will enjoy the wayback machine.
Dan Hanna
1.17.1970 | 3.17.1970 | 7.28.1970

  Delta Company Christmas Carols 1968.
By Bobby Renew and Cliff Tholen

  Reflections of a Delta Company Vet 2006.
By Cliff Tholen

  Ken Quale's diary for Larry Fanella and Blair Two Crow.

During June, 2005 some of our men met in Washington, DC with Tom Fanella (cousin of Larry) and his significant other, Susan Hayes. Ken Quale wrote the attached letter regarding their meeting, and Ken's subsequent cross-country trip, including a meeting with Sherline Two Crow, sister of Blair Two Crow who was lost on Dec 4, 1968.

  My husband, Jack W. Hayden served in Nam March 69 thru March 70, Americal Div., Delta Co., 1/20th, 11th LIB. He was diagnosed in 2005 with renal cell carcinoma. Since VA does not recognize his disease as Agent Orange related, I would like to see that changed. I am try to collect info on the number of Nam vets who have developed this disease. It may be too late to help my husband but could possibly help other vets who have renal cell carcinoma or will develop it later. I would greatly appreciate any info you could provide, even if you know a Nam vet that has this disease or who has died from it.
  Please contact me at There is strength in numbers as you guys know. United we stand! Thanks for the courage of everyone who didn't go to Canada. Please help us prove to VA that they are wrong.

Mrs. Jack W. Hayden
May 3, 2006

  Delta Company received an email from the brother of Ronald Ferouge. There is a special message for the men of Delta Company. You may read it here: Rene Ferouge letter.

Our 2004 reunion was a success.

Bonnie (Walsh) Ward presenting a Capital flag to Alan Conger

  This was the most attended, largest reunion yet. The fellowship was without peer. Special guests from the Alpha Company, parents, sons of our lost brothers were also in attendance. Many photographs and other materials were copied and will be added to this website. The group photo is now on line & a gallery page is started. More to follow!

  The names on our Memorial page have been updated. Many new photographs were collected at the reunion and are now on this website.

  We had a wonderful and successful 2002 Reunion the weekend of April 26th. There were 35 men, many with their wives in attendence

  We held our Memorial Service on Saturday morning at Patriot Park to honor our fallen brothers, including a 21 gun salute by Master Sergeant Harold Morrison and the Tennessee National Guard. We read 65 names of our lost brothers.

  Please review the Memorial list of our lost brothers. If you can think of any names we have not listed. Contact us so we may include them.

  Potential Delta Company Casualties
The National Records shows this list of men as being casualties of Delta Company, but we have not been able to verify the names. If you are a member of Delta Company, please review the list. If you can confirm a casualty from the list, please notify us through this Contact link. We will then add them to the Delta Company Memorial list

Letter To the Men of Delta Company

On June 10, 1969 went to the aid of Alpha Company. On that day, Alpha had lost their company commander, Captain Walsh. This letter is from his widow (now re-married), Bonnie Walsh Ward:

Letter About June 3rd

On June 3rd, 2005, we met with Joe Lupo, Richard Culver, Duke Davis, Kenny Quayle and Jan Winter in Washington, D.C. Tom Fanella

Letters of Commendation

General Colin Powell (Retired)
sent a Letter of Commendation to Delta Company for the 2006 Reunion, thanking the men for their service during the Vietnam war.

General Norman Schwarzkopf (Retired)
sent a Letter of Commendation to Delta Company on the occasion of their 2002 Reunion, thanking the men for their service during the Vietnam war.



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